Most Frequently Asked Questions-

Why is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee so EXPENSIVE ?- 

This is a reasonable question to ask, and a very important one, when ordering any product…We grow the “ORIGINAL” Arabica Typica coffee variety brought from Ethiopia hundreds of years ago. It is very expensive to grow but we grow it for its “Exceptional” taste and “Superior”cup quality. People from all over travel a great distance to taste and purchase our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

What does “Single Estate Coffee” mean ?- 

At Greenwich Mountain Estate, we hand-select, process and sun-dry only those Greenwich Blue coffee beans grown on our estate. If the package does not state Single Estate Coffee, you can expect that the coffee in that package may contain a range of beans grown on a variety of farms but processed and roasted on or for that particular brand. While this does not mean that this coffee is not good, it does mean the beans may not be all grown to the same standards, thus giving you different levels of quality each time it is roasted. Resulting in the quality and taste varying with every batch of coffee roasted.

What does 100% JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN® COFFEE mean?- 

This means the coffee contained in this package has been carefully cup-tested by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, and subsequently granted the prestigious certification of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. Don’t be fooled by the words : “Jamaica Blue Mountain”, “Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend” or “100% Blue Mountain”. If the coffee package does not have the “100% JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN®” logo seal authorized by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, you are NOT drinking coffee that meets the standard for certification. *Each Greenwich Blue package contains its own certificate of authenticity. 

What type of coffee plant do we grow on our estate? - We grow the “ORIGINAL” Arabica Typica Coffee Variety brought from Ethiopia hundreds of years ago. It is very expensive to grow but we grow it  for its “Exceptional” taste and cup quality. Our green coffee beans are also bought by roasters all over the world to upgrade and enhance the taste of their coffee.

Why we only roast to order-  

We believe it is very important to keep the quality of our coffee in a controlled environment until just before roasting and shipping to our customers. Coffee should never be left on a warm shelf for 4 weeks- You pay a high price for our coffee and you should only experience the best quality possible. From the moment the coffee beans are roasted they begin their deterioration, and that is why we ” DOUBLE VACCUM and GAS FLUSH” our Greenwich Blue coffee immediately after roasting and packaged in a vacuum sealed one-way valve bag, to allow for the coffees’ slow release of CO2.

Most coffees are not ‘Rested’, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee rests for up to 60 days. Our coffee rests for 90-180 days, in a climate controlled environment  ( 75 degrees F.  and 70% humidity ). Our handling and detail in preserving the highest cup quality in every Greenwich Blue batch we roast is one of our most distinctive traits that sets us apart from other 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® counterparts.

Who is the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica-

The Coffee Industry Board’s principal role is to promote, regulate, monitor and guide the development of the coffee industry of Jamaica, and to assure quality of Jamaican coffee. They are also in charge of monitoring licensed users. To certify quality, they take custody of samples of green beans to test for authenticity before approving the use of the brand name for both local and export. The Coffee Industry Board owns the Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee trademark and is responsible for the integrity of the brand.

Do you ship Internationally ?-

DHL is our international carrier, and we ship to most all destinations. Please see shipping costs for your destination when placing your order. SHIPPING DAYS reflect business days only! 

How much do you charge for shipping ?- 

Please see shipping costs for your destination when placing your order.

How do I pay when ordering ?-  

A representative will contact you after you have sent your order request within 1 business day and will request your payment preference at that time. We accept all major credit cards.

What is your return policy ?-

We are a roast-to-order coffee company with exacting freshness and quality standards. We do not resell returned coffee, and so we only give credit for returned coffee. Your credits will exclude shipping costs and are valid for 60 days from the date of issue. If you cancel your coffee order after we begin roasting but before we ship your coffee, you will receive a store credit equal to 75% of the total order value, excluding shipping costs. All returns must be received within 30 days of the ship date.

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