Our Process

Greenwich Mountain Estate Limited has, until now, remained an exclusive family treasure. This is the estate that pays true homage to the time-honoured methods once used by the Blue Mountains’ original coffee growers.

From hand-sown seedling to carefully potted plant to individually-sealed package, Greenwich Mountain Estate coffee is meticulously cared for from start to finish. The Greenwich Mountain Estate bean, unlike any other Blue Mountain counterpart, is grown on an estate that is 100% self-sufficient. This affords us the seedling-to-cup quality control needed to ensure a bean that is nurtured like no other. Coffee berries are hand-harvested and pulped daily in batches. They are washed and sun-dried before resting (aging) in a cool (75 degrees fahrenheit), dark moisture controlled room until the flavour peaks, between 80 and 90 days.

They are then hulled, polished, graded by size and density and electronically colour sorted. After being handpicked and roasted, each batch is cup-tested to ensure Greenwich quality, flushed with nitrogen to preserve freshness, and then vacuum packed.

The result is a bean that is pleasing to the eye – more uniform, richer in colour. And a brew that is exceptional – smooth, full-bodied, slightly sweet and very aromatic.

We are, indeed, proud to bear the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica’s most prestigious certification, as 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain®. Our modesty comes in the form of our yields which, due to our chosen method of growing coffee, are enjoyed in more exclusive quantities.

Orders are custom roasted (and ground if required). This is done immediately before shipping.

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