The Art of Roasting Coffee

During roasting, we bring out the aromatic oils from the beans and reduce the moisture content. The mysterious and complex nature of roasting coffee beans gives birth to the unique Flavor and aroma we identify with coffee.

Coffee experts often refer to roasting as the “moment of truth.” Like a fine wine, roasting creates many variants in flavor which satisfy the diverse tastes of coffee enthusiasts.What happens to the coffee bean during roasting?

  • The bean loses caffeine.
  • The flavor and aroma of the coffee bean are released.
  • The bean loses approximately 75% of its original moisture and 16%-22% of its weight.
  • The bean physically expands.
  • The bean turns from green to brown.
  • The sugars in the coffee bean are caramelized, creating oils on the surface and within the bean.
    This is especially visible in darker roasts. Roasting can take anywhere from 13-16 minutes and varies depending upon the roast preferred, the bean hardness, its size, and the moisture content.

Typically, a 14-16 minute roast will begin at room temperature and peak at 215 degrees Celsius on its way to the ideal temperature. Under-roasting or roasting at too low of a temperature produces a coffee that carries bread to nut-like flvors. Over-roasting or roasting at too high of a temperature for too long produces a coffee that tastes bitter or burnt. aAt Greenwich Mountain Estate, we roast each batch of coffee to its optimum level to bring out its full ?avor and aroma. Each batch has its unique size, density, uniformity and moisture. and each will behave a little differently, these differences are noted, monitored and compensated for.

At Greenwich Mountain Estate, we roast our #1 beans ( 17 screen size- this is how we grade for physical size) and Market as Greenwich Mountain “Select”. We then separate the top 3% of the #1 beans (which are #18 – 19 screen size) to create the “creme de la creme” of our #1 bean. “Greenwich Blue”

This is then packaged and labeled as “Greenwich Blue”, our Flagship Brand and all other bean sizes we then roast and market locally.

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